Circuit Hero Animation Rig

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This Circuit Hero rig is from one of my senior project at school from 2016, I didn’t know rigging at that point so I brought it back and rerig the whole character from scratch.

The character comes with his light blade thingy on both arm that you can turn on and off,

The rig also comes with few FX rig that will help you get some pretty result from default maya viewport. Check the video for the rig demo!

You may use this rig for any project as long as it’s non-commercial.

If you like the rig and use it for your shot, I would love to see it!

I am excited to see what people do with the rig :)!!


03/10/2019 :

- Added FK Spine ctrl, the switch is on the COG_outer ctrl

- Put all existing texture map in the same location as maya file

04/21/2019 :

- Fix the Right foot "Heel roll" attribute not working properly

- Fix on the Prop_visibility attribute also making the option Ctrl hidden

- IK spine not hooked up properly and will flip if the character flip over

- FX transparency problem

I want this!
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Circuit Hero Animation Rig

99 ratings
I want this!