Sanae Animation Rig

6 ratings
I want this!

Sanae Animation Rig

6 ratings

Anime style animation rig based on character Sanae Kochiya for Autodesk Maya

About the Rig

  • This rig shares the same base body control setup as Reimu rig, I suggest you download free Reimu rig and try her out first!
  • ShaderFX Toon Shader Allow you to see final look of the character in viewport 2.0 as you animate. The material will not work in other renderer, There is also a version of the rig that have simple lambert material. (Check readme if you run into issue)
  • This is not a game ready rig.
  • Anim School Picker is provided for body and face
  • Hide all the clothing and use Casual body to simplified the rig for general shot.
  • The rig comes with a few clothing option and multiple props
  • Recommend for Maya 2018 and up

This rig is an expansion plus some upgrade from Reimu rig, Sanae rig have multiple rigged clothing, prop and FX included :)!! ( check picture )
Feel free to use the rig for any non commercial project as long as you mention me in the credit!

If something is broken or not behaving properly, feel free to email me about it and I will have it fixed or read the log below and check if the fix has been addressed in new version

Version Log
v002: 02/23/2022
- fix Casual B top Collar local skinning not working
- fix nontoon variant material still have vertex color showing
v001: 02/21/2022
- Original release

I want this!

Sanae Rig for Autodesk Maya with texture sheet required for the material and Animschool Picker for the rig


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